terms and conditions

By placing an order either over the phone, by e-mail or via the website, the customer accepts verbal or written agreement and is bound by the terms and agreements.



1.1 Unless otherwise agreed, payment is due on completion an at the time of each oven clean by cheque or cash. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Oventime2shine’. The customer will be responsible for all bank and legal charges resulting from returned cheques.



2.1 The customer agrees to carefully read and acknowledge the terms and conditions prior to the delivery of service.
2.2 Oventime2shine will not be held responsible for any injury or loss suffered to any type of household pet as a result of an accident during the delivery of cleaning services.
2.3 The customer accepts that any issues with cleaning standards and/or breakage/damage must be reported within 24 hours from the service date to ensure that Oventime2shine are able to rectify any issues. Failure to report such issues within the agreed time frame will negate the customer’s entitlement to a refund/compensation.
2.4 Oventime2shine will not be held responsible for any replacement or repair of household contents/fittings/fixtures, appliance components required as a result of the failure of any worn, faulty, incorrectly fitted or fatigued components or other similar items.
2.5 Where it has been agreed that Oventime2shines’ cleaning technicians are responsible for damage caused to the customer’s property or belongings during the course of rendering cleaning services, Oventime2shine will choose to repair the item, replace the item or make an insurance claim to that effect. Oventime2shine are responsible for the replacement or repair and it is not the customer’s responsibility to replace or repair an item without the agreement of Oventime2shine.
2.6 Oventime2shine have public liability insurance in place and the policy will cover any accidental damage caused by a technician working on behalf of Oventime2shine, reported within 24 hours of the service date.
2.7 Oventime2shine agrees to keep all customer information confidential.
2.8 Start times for cleaning sessions are a guide only, to within around 1 hour. Oventime2shine will endeavour to inform clients of late or early visits but this cannot be guaranteed.
2.9 The oven is safe to use as soon as the cleaning is complete.On occasion there may be a burning smell from some of the products used to clean the oven, this is completely normal and safe as all of our cleaning products are non-caustic. Oventime2shine does not guarantee oven cleaning results as the results cannot be predicted. The results are dependant on the type of oven, how old the oven is, length of time since it was last used, how often it is used and the type of food on the oven.



3.1 The customer will allow Oventime2shine to revisit any job with which they are not satisfied.



4.1 The customer may cancel or change the time of a cleaning visit by giving more than 24 hours notice.
4.2 Oventime2shine reserve the right to charge half price for any scheduled cleaning which cannot take place upon the arrival of the technician. This is applicable to any circumstance which is deemed not to be the fault of Oventime2shine. For example; no access provided, faulty keys or locks, customer not in, no electricity or hot water available and our technician turned away due to illness.



5.1 Oventime2shine will not be responsible or liable for accidents, injury, loss or any harm which may come to any person present in the client’s property at the time of the cleaning.
5.2 The client is responsible for the health and safety of any person present in their home before, during and after cleaning sessions provided by Oventime2shine.



6.1 Any feedback given to Oventime2shine by the client can be used to promote Oventime2shine cleaning services on their website or via other marketing activities. This may include the client’s initials and the area in which they live alongside their quotation.